Our behaviours

At Wesleyan we play an important role in society; creating brighter financial futures for the professions we all trust.

Enhancing our culture and associated behaviours is vital to us delivering this purpose and creating the best customer and colleague experiences possible.

We are driving toward a truly inclusive, high-performance culture that is built by teams who care and work together to put the needs of our customers at the heart of all that we do.

They include:

What's my evidence?

This is about:
  • Curiosity
  • Critical thinking
  • Having quality data/evidence

Make the call

This is about:
  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Prioritisation
  • Effective delegation

Care about the result

This is about:
  • Customer-centricity
  • Simplification
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience

Listen hard, talk straight

This is about:
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

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Wellbeing At Wesleyan

Here at Wesleyan, it’s simple: our people are our priority. That’s why it’s important that wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just a ‘benefit’, but a way of working that prioritises our physical and mental health.

Be Well at Wesleyan is our inclusive wellbeing programme, designed to make a real difference to your happiness and keep you thriving both inside and outside of work.

We have a range of support and resources in place, both internally and through external partnerships.

We also host a series of wellbeing focus weeks throughout the year, offering a range of fun challenges and educational webinars that all members of staff are welcome to take part in.

Thriving at work

To ensure we continue to provide the right support and guidance for our workforce, we also work with Thrive at Work – a structured, accredited programme that supports employee health and wellbeing.

We’re proud to say that in August 2021, we were awarded the Thrive at Work Bronze Award.

thrive at work foundation award

What wellbeing means to us

group photo at a primary school

Community and citizenship

At Wesleyan, we care about giving back to our customers and their communities. When it comes to community and citizenship, we have the following aims.

  • To support the wellbeing of the professions we trust
  • To increase social mobility and reduce inequality in our communities
  • To utilise the skills of our workforce through volunteering opportunities
  • To care for the environment by supporting nature and forestation
  • To connect with our communities and improve the lives of our citizens through the Wesleyan Foundation

Wesleyan Foundation

We’re committed to creating brighter financial futures for our customers, and through the Wesleyan Foundation, we give back to the organisations that create brighter futures for your communities.

Since 2017, we’ve awarded over £5.9 million to deserving causes across the UK. Our donations help the key workers, the communities that care, the next generation and the professions we all trust.

We’ve also provided financial support for a number of projects that centre on education, health, innovation and social development – for example, initiatives that tackle food poverty or support children with additional needs.

group photo celebrating Wesleyan foundation


Volunteering at Wesleyan gives you the chance to use your talent, develop new skills and experience the satisfaction that comes from making a real difference to the lives of others. We recognise that our people are one of our greatest assets, which is why we give all members of staff two days each year that can be used to pursue volunteering opportunities.


At Wesleyan, we can also help you raise money for the charities and causes that you care about. All you have to do is apply for Match Funding. Match Funding means that Wesleyan will donate the same amount you have raised to your chosen cause, with the opportunity for family members and friends to get involved too.

Partnership Council

Made up of colleagues from across the business, our Partnership Council is responsible for capturing employee feedback and sharing it with Senior Management on a quarterly basis.

We understand that addressing the concerns of our workforce is key to improving the experience of working at Wesleyan, which is why the aims of the Partnership Council are to:

  • Make sure that every voice is heard
  • Promote the interests of all employees
  • Receive feedback and act on it
  • Maintain an open dialogue with Senior Management teams
  • Keep our workforce informed at every level
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