Experienced hires

HR & Corporate Services

In this group: Company Secretariat and Legal, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Workplace

This area of the business provides expert internal consultation to our executive team, board and employees across the Group. HR work with the business areas to bring our people strategy to life, while Strategic Planning help the executive team develop strategies and make the changes necessary to deliver them.

Our Corporate Communications function looks after our internal communications and media relations. They also lead our Corporate Responsibility Strategy, adding value to charities and community groups across the UK.

Company Secretariat advise on corporate governance matters and ensure that the Society complies with its Act of Parliament and Rules. This vital function is accompanied by our legal team in supporting the effective running of the Society.

Our Workplace team ensure our office spaces are thriving environments to which we can proudly welcome visitors and employees.

Group Finance

In this group: Actuarial, Investments, Finance Reporting, Finance Change

Our Actuarial team provide Actuarial and Technical support across the business and comprise Capital Management, Actuarial Modelling and Technical Services.

Financial Reporting make sure accounting records are maintained and that payments and receipts are effectively controlled. They also produce the statutory accounts and PRA and FCA Returns for the Society.

Investments are responsible for managing the Society's assets - over £5.7 billion worth and growing. Their role is to maximise the long-term return for our members and customers across a range of funds.

Finance Change keep an eye on our strategic initiatives and suggest ways to improve profit and control existing costs. This provides the business with the assurance that the benefits being delivered are coming at the right price.

Group Operations

In this group: Life & Pensions, Operational Excellence, Group Security, Transformation, IT

Our Life & Pensions business ensures we have the right products for our customers and that we provide them with exceptional customer service throughout their relationship with us.

IT maintain and improve all relevant services and infrastructure right across the business. Their role is tactical and strategic since business change is so closely linked with the IT function. They also work with our Transformation team – a change management function with the aim of aligning the people, process and technology initiatives of the society more closely with its business strategy and vision.

Group Security identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any developments that may threaten the resilience and safety of the Society, both physically and electronically.

Group Risk and Regulatory

In this group: Risk, Regulatory, Client Assets

Risk work with other business areas to help them identify, assess and manage the risks most relevant to them. They are also responsible for making sure the Society complies with anti-money laundering regulations and guidance, information security, data protection, and business continuity management.

Regulatory make sure we meet Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations regarding the development, marketing, selling and servicing of our products.

Group Customer

In this group: 1st Line Risk, Support Relationship Centre, Field Support, Training, General Insurance, Commercial and Marketing, Financial Consultants

This group supports our Financial Consultants and ensures our proposition offers a market leading experience for our customers. The Field Support team provide key support to the Wesleyan field sales team, from management information to Financial Consultant queries and sales process maintenance and development.

Our Financial Consultants also receive support with appointment booking and case preparation from the Support Relationship Centre, as well as our paraplanners and 1st Line Risk team, who guide them through the process of providing holistic finance advice. Our dedicated training team create exceptional blended learning interventions. They deliver a first class induction programme and encourage professional development for all staff throughout their tenure.

The marketing team develop our customer facing proposition, including both distribution and brand.

Our in-house General Insurance brokerage service provides our customers with a range of home, motor, travel, surgery and office services as well as commercial insurance.

The Commercial business unit identify our optimal target audiences, work with our other Business Units on the best business opportunities and drive our overall commercial proposition.