Our group


Wesleyan Group is comprised of a number of different businesses that cater to the diverse needs of our customers, while complementing and strengthening the group’s entire service offering.

Wesleyan’s Head Office is based in the heart of Birmingham and sees more than 500 members of staff working across a variety of departments and business units. We offer a friendly, open environment in which staff are encouraged to make a difference across the functions, which include HR & Corporate Services, Group Finance, Group Operations, Group Risk & Regulatory and Group Sales & Marketing.

Outside of Head Office is our award-winning Field Team consisting of 300 Financial Consultants who provide specialist advice to doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers and are based around the UK.

Wesleyan Bank

With 125 staff based across branches in New Malden, Birmingham and Northwich, Wesleyan Bank offers a wide range of personal and commercial finance products. We provide our target professional groups of doctors, teachers, dentists and lawyers with personal loans and deposit accounts. Small and medium-sized enterprises, along with suppliers of IT, medical and dental equipment, can obtain short and long-term commercial loans. Wesleyan Bank works closely with the rest of the Group to offer customers additional services, including commercial financial advice and life and insurance cover.

Practice Plan

Established in 1995 as a small family business, Practice Plan has grown to become the number one provider of practice-branded dental membership plans in the UK. The Oswestry-based company became part of Wesleyan in 2013, as part of the group’s strategy to strengthen its position in the dental market. Today, Practice Plan provides more than 1,500 dental practice partners with a range of support services for building profitable and sustainable businesses.