Explore all the different roles that keep Wesleyan running and see where you'll fit in

What is the process for applying for a role?

When you have identified a suitable role to apply for, please click ‘Apply’ and either register or log in to our Careers site. After answering several pre-screening questions, you'll be able to upload your CV.

Can I apply for more than one role at a time?

Absolutely. Please ensure you only apply to roles that closely match your experience and skill set.

What’s the minimum age required to apply?

The minimum age is 16 to apply.

What should I do if someone at Wesleyan has referred me for a role?

During your online application, you'll be asked ‘Where did you hear about this role?’. Please select ‘Employee Referral’ and enter the name of the individual who referred you for the role.

Can I send you my CV in case a suitable job opens up?

We don’t accept speculative CVs. We recommend signing up to our job alerts email so you'll know whenever suitable jobs come up.

When I have submitted my CV when will I hear back?

You will hear back within a week of the deadline stated in the job description.

Are there options for career progression?

If you're looking for a progressive career, the scale and diversity of our business allows you to go as far as your ambition.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I re-apply?

Yes. However, you’ll need to wait until six months after your initial application before you can re-apply for the same role.

What do I need to bring to interview?

Please bring your passport or birth certificate (right to work in the UK purposes), the application form which will have been sent to you in advance and any assessment material you will have been asked to complete.

How many interview stages will there be?

The type and number of interviews depend on the requirements of each role. Some roles will require you to complete online assessments before coming in for an interview with the hiring manager. Other interviews have just one stage, while some may involve a presentation. You will be told what your process entails when we invite you in for an interview.

When I have received my verbal offer what happens next?

You’ll receive your offer and contract in the post and via email within three working days. This will include instructions for your onboarding.

Why are all offers subject to a credit check?

Wesleyan are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and require all employees to undergo a credit check before being offered a role. We ask you to be honest about your credit history in the recruitment process. Any credit reports that do not meet our required benchmark will either need further investigation or leading to us being unable to offer you the job.

What should I expect from a credit check?

We carry out a credit check once we have your consent. The check we carry out will not leave a footprint on your credit score.

Do you conduct reference checks?

We check references for the previous five years in order to protect our business and customers. The checks vary, but if the results don’t match what you’ve told us, we may have to withdraw your offer.

Will you contact my current employer for a reference?

We contact your current employer as part of our standard reference check procedure. We will not do this until we have your permission and you have handed in your notice.

As the role is home based, do I decide what hours I will work?

Yes, there is flexibility to manage your working week, however you will be expected to meet with your customers at a date and time that suits them.

Can I bring across my current client bank?

This will depend on whether or not they fit our proposition and the area in which the clients are based. In addition, you will not be able to bring across existing clients if this breaches any non-solicitation agreements that you're bound by.

How does Wesleyan build a client base in their chosen markets?

Business development takes place through seminars, presentations and client referrals. There is also extensive marketing and PR support throughout each segment.

As a Specialist Financial Adviser, will I do presentations to clients on my own or with the Area Manager?

This will depend on the type of presentation. We'll equip and support you to deliver presentations and, where appropriate, your Area Manager will support you. In addition, you may conduct some presentations with other colleagues in the team.

What is the product range?

We manufacture our own products in selected areas of financial planning which external non-Wesleyan advisers do not have access to and we also have agreements with third party providers for some products. The product range we offer to clients includes:

  • Annuities
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Life Protection
  • Pensions
  • Savings and Investments
  • Mortgages
  • In-house GI brokerage
  • Wesleyan Bank

I know Wesleyan are multi-tied, but who are they tied to?

We continually monitor the best products and providers in the market place to make sure that our range of third party providers are competitive and best in market for our chosen segment. Therefore, the panel of providers varies according to each segment and the recruiting Area Manager will be able to confirm who they are should you attend an interview.

Why do I need to do certain assessments when I already have the Diploma/AFPC?

We must be consistent in our approach to selecting the best candidate for the role and all applicants go through the same assessments irrespective of experience or qualifications.

Must I have CAS to be able to apply for the Specialist Financial Advisers role?

Fully qualified and experienced applicants should have held CAS within the last three years of the date of their application.

Where we have trainee opportunities, we're happy to consider candidates who are currently high performing mortgage advisers or medical sales representatives. We do request that these candidates are able to demonstrate a consistent successful track record of sales performance within these roles.

What if my role requires regular driving?

If your role requires regular driving, we provide a cash allowance to cover the running costs of using your own car.